Minty's Garden Retreat

Reconnect with nature, yourself and others

A sanctuary for healing and growth for women of all ages

Re-discover the delights of nature. It’s easy to miss out on the simple things, from watching a sunrise to peering up at the starry dark skies or the peace brought by hearing nothing but the wind in the trees and birdsong. To walk in our woodland ,sit beside the stream and take your time.

Our land is so precious. We are so lucky that for centuries the monks of Byland Abbey used it as their retreat . Both the historical connection to Byland Abbey and the  location , while emphasising the peaceful and therapeutic nature of the gardens.


Reflect & Renew

Invest in yourself and take time to rest, reflect, recover and renew..Leave feeling recharged

Connect With Nature

Connecting with nature is therapeutic for your body and soul. Leave the stressed world behind

Get Support

Connect with other women experiencing similar challenges-pressures of everyday life, loneliness or bereavement

Sooth Your Soul

Release tension, tightness or blocked emotional energy.

Our gardens are full of nature

Discover Therapeutic Gardening

Engage in the soul soothing activity of gardening. Our gardens are designed to offer a space for reflection and renewal. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a complete novice we will be happy to welcome you. Our gardens are a vibrant tapestry of life, bursting with a variety of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Providing sanctuary for females if you need space for yourself

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for women who are feeling ” burnt out” lonely or bereaved. We offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, yourself, and others by gardening at your own pace. At Minty’s, we believe that the act of gardening can be therapeutic and transformative, helping you to cultivate both inner peace and a sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy you own comfortable private space

Residential Stays

Our retreat offers comfortable, home-like accommodations for those who wish to stay for an extended period. Each room is designed to provide a peaceful, private space where you can rest and recharge.

Workshops and activities

We aim to provide a variety of activities aimed at promoting well-being and personal growth. From mindfulness and meditation to gardening, music and sound sessions.

Community and Support

Connect with other women who are experiencing similar challenges. We hope to foster a supportive community that can provide a safe space to share stories, offer mutual support, and build lasting friendships.

Counselling and support services

We can help guide you towards counselling and support services to help you navigate your emotions and find pathways to healing We’re also here to listen and provide compassionate guidance wherever we can.

"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin

Frequently asked questions

Is the retreat just for women only?

Minty’s Garden Retreat is currently exclusively for women, designed to create a safe and nurturing environment where they can unwind, connect with one another, and rejuvenate without any external pressures or distractions.

Do I have to book accommodation at the same time?

Women have the flexibility to either stay at our retreat for an extended period  or simply visit the garden for the day to experience its tranquility and beauty at their own pace. Our bed and breakfast accommodation is cosy, safe and secure.

Who is Minty?

Minty is our beloved friendly dog, often found enjoying the garden.and carrying bits and pieces around. She loves people making a fuss of her and spending time with the visitors. She’ll always give you a warm welcome and will be happy to keep you company in the garden . You can spot some pictures of Minty in the photo gallery below! We have yet to find anyone who doesnt love Minty and her story – she has overcomes handicaps in her own little life and we think is she could do it so can you .

Are you ready to start your journey towards healing?

If you’re feeling lonely or bereaved, Minty’s Garden Retreat offers a haven where you can find peace, purpose, and connection. Come and experience the healing power of nature and community. You don’t have to go through this alone – we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, schedule a visit, or book your stay. Our goal is when you go home you feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

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